IGMP versions requirement for VXLAN logical networks

Recently we were working on an issue were VXLAN Transport Multicast traffic was not being passed on the upstream physical switches causing an outage for the virtual machines that were hosted on these virtual wires. Some Background on the environment: This was a vCNS 5.5 environment with VXLAN deployed in Multicast mode. This was quite […]

Troubleshooting vCloud Director Internal Networks

These days I’ve been spending my time working with NSX and integrating it with vCloud Director. During some of these tests I ran into an issue with network connectivity on internal networks in vCloud Director. To expound on the issue, I created an Internal virtual datacenter network in vCloud Director and enabled DHCP services on […]

Unicast VXLAN:Integrating NSX and vCloud Director

One of challenges with implementing VXLAN is configuring Multicast on physical switches to support BUM traffic. With the release of NSX for vSphere, VXLAN can be deployed to work in Unicast mode with the help of the NSX controller. In this article we will look at deploying VXLAN with NSX and integrating vCloud Director to […]

Configuring CA signed certificates for vCloud Director

I’ve seen a lot of questions around configuring CA signed certificates with vCloud director and how to avoid those “Cryptographic Errors” when starting the vCloud director service. In this post I hope to go through the configuration and setup vCloud director to use CA signed certificates. Before we get into the details some information about […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Virtual Chronicles. I’ve started this blog with the intent of sharing information with the community and to also chronicle my experiences in Information Technology. This blog will primarily focus on Virtualization (VMware) technologies but I would also like to expand into other areas of interest, Linux, networking, performance tuning … I’m hopeful 🙂 […]